Journal of a Mouse

Friday, July 28, 2006

Raspberry and Cream

Yesterday, I finished the variation of Hanna´s scarf that I had startet months ago... As I didn´t have enough of the raspberry yarn, I decided to add a cream colored border. I like how it emphasizes the ruffles.
I suffer from mood swings these days, which I hate. One moment, I´m the happiest person, then again I feel overwhelmed - not ready yet for the baby. When I went to my midwife today, I burst into tears when she asked me how I was... I didn´t even know why. Oh, boy! But we talked awhile and now I feel better.
I´m still not sure what exactly caused me to cry, if it´s just all of these hormones, or if it´s something more fundamental. It´s probably a mixture of many things... hormones, the heat, fear of all the change that´s ahead of me, feeling guilty about not feeling quite ready for the baby yet... And this is strange, because I really want to have this baby. I´m looking forward to holding him in my arms. But still I want a little more time. Not much. Only a little.
I didn´t expect these feelings. Most of my friends who already have babies told me that they were so tired of being pregnant in the last weeks before their due date... Well, I´m not - yet. Maybe now that my sciatic nerve doesn´t bother me any more, I simply feel too good *lol*.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Week 40 Already!!!

I can´t believe my pregnancy is almost over! I´m already in waiting position, relaxing a lot. Everything that needed to be done before my little one´s birth is done. And finally I have some time again for creative projects. So now I´m working on finishing all the unfinished projects.
And yes! The blanket is finished! I´m glad all the borders fall flat after blocking the thing. Now, my little one has a soft cosy blanky to welcome him! Although I doubt that I will be using this one at first, as it´s very hot here at the time. Too hot for a 100% Merino blanket...

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Baby Blanket

The Baby Blanket is nearly finished! I already knitted the little duck bills, but before I can sew them on, I´ll need to sew in all the loose ends on the backside... a task I don´t like at all (so I keep putting it off). Well, I hope to finish the blanket before the big day! I also hope that the problem of the border turning over will be gone after blocking the thing.
I still have problems with that stupid sciatic nerve. Sometimes I can hardly walk or get up from wherever I´ve been sitting. I´m just so glad that most of my nest-building activities are already done! My midwife showed me some moves that may help baby to find a different position. So far it hasn´t helped. But I´ll keep on trying to motivate my little one to move down a bit more! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

36 Weeks

My husband took a few photos of me in the park this sunday to have some memories of my growing belly. It´s still one of the smallest bellies in the "Belly Club" as I like to call my childbirth class. Unfortunately, I had to limp over to the park, because my sciatic nerve is causing me trouble. I hope my midwife, who I see today, has some idea of how to relieve the pain a little. Maybe acupuncture or something will help.

Other than that, the weekend has been a great one. Saturday started off with my childbirth class, where this time all the future daddies came along. The class started with some relaxation exercises, where both the moms and the dads put their hands on the baby bump... My midwife told us to concentrate on the child and find out if our child started to calm down when we placed our hands on the belly or if it started to kick, "as some kids were more communicative..." - just as she said this, our little one started to kick Jans hands, as if to say: " Yes, I´m that type!", hee, hee. I wonder where he got that from *grin*.

When the class was over, we went to the hospital, where I want to give birth, in order to pre-register. Then we had to hurry a little bit, because we had a busy afternoon ahead of us. Grocery shopping, a visit to Ikea, preparing food for a birthday party that we were invited to in the evening... The party was a lot of fun and we came back late in the night.

Sunday, we had friends over for coffee and strawberry cake. Their nine-months old son had just started to crawl and we all had a lot of fun playing with him and making him laugh. He´s still so easy to entertain ;-) Trying to bite into Jans toes seemed to be the greatest pleasure for him, hee, hee. It was so much fun - now we are even more looking forward to having our own baby here in our arms. If it weren´t for giving birth first...