Journal of a Mouse

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Wondering why I didn´t write here so often anymore?

Well, the big secret is hereby revealed: I´m now three months and a few days pregnant!!!

Our little one´s birthday will probably be around the beginning of august. We are both so very, very, very happy!

But I am also feeling drained of my usual energy and feeling sick a lot of the time. So that´s why I am not my usual creative self. Everybody tells me that I´ll soon feel better again and I so hope I will! I have so many projects I want to do (most of them for baby, of course!), but right now all my energy is being eaten up by the daily tasks like cooking, and cleaning, and so on. Talking of cooking - I can´t even stand the thought of it these days. I´m so sensitive to all kinds of smells!
Still, it´s all bearable because I´m just so very happy! I always wanted to be a mom! And the feeling when we saw our tiny little baby on ultrasound two days ago! The little legs kicking and his or her hand waving at us, like he or she wanted to say a quick "Hello" to us! And - aah - those tiny perfect little feet... I think I´m already in love! So cute!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy New Year Everybody...

and all the best to you! My scarf is slowly growing and I finished about half of it. I wanted to start a few other projects, but then I got this great urge to sort through all of my stuff that has been piling up in my studio. So that´s what I´ve been doing these last days: Throwing out most of my papers from university and all the books that I will never ever read again. Now everything in my room has its own place and it finally looks organized again! Breathing space for my soul! I still want to go through all of my drawers and my closet, but that won´t take as long. So now, I finally have space to create again! Yay! This feels sooo much better!