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Monday, April 10, 2006

Ducks in a Row

I started to knit the little ducks, but they still look a little rugged (I´m not very good with intarsia work). I hope the stitches will look a little smoother when I sewed in the loose ends.
I spend most of last week looking for shoes to match my wedding dress and other wedding preparations. I was lucky and got the last pair of cream colored shoes - nearly the exact shade of my dress! I even found a beautiful necklace, even more beautiful than the one I had wanted to buy in the first place. All that is left to do is making a final decision on the menue and talking to the florists. That will actually be something I will enjoy. So now, I can finally relax and enjoy myself. As the weather is said to be grey and rainy this week, I will probably stay indoors, working away on some ideas for the future nursery and former studio, knitting, and whatever else is coming to my mind that I would enjoy doing...


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