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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

First Baby Project!

My scarf is finished and I went out today and got some more wool! This is going to be so much fun! I want to knit the baby blanket which is on the cover of this great book, only I´m going to use the green wool instead of the rose or baby blue one. The pink wool is not intended for the blanket, but for a scarf similar to Hanna´s beautiful one. She has been so kind to tell me how to go about. I hope I´ll get it right!
I´m filled with energy now that I don´t feel so nauseous anymore. Okay, it didn´t disappear yet, but at least it got way better since last friday. Also, my appetite is coming back, which I really missed! My belly is growing, too, but it doesn´t show so much yet beneath my thick winter sweaters. It´s cold here.


At 6:27 PM, Blogger Knit Chick said...

Those colors are gorgeous! Happy knitting or crochet!

At 10:26 PM, Anonymous Tine said...

gorgeous color!!!
I love the colors of wool that you picked and am sure that the blany will look just awesome and will be very cuddly for baby ;-)

At 1:29 AM, Anonymous Marieke said...

Nice scarf...the color is looking great on you!


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