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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Creativity Kitchen

Something is cooking in my creativity kitchen again! After two weeks of feeling depressed, lacking energy, things are getting better again. I realized, I put too much pressure on myself regarding the job hunt. It really bogged me down that I don´t know what kind of a job I want and all. And then I realized that I do know. It´s just that I don´t know HOW! So I decided to only take one little step at a time and not worry too much about problems that may arise in the future. I noticed a few more things. Like I only need to put on some classical music and I get in a creative mood faster than you can blink your eyes, ha, ha! And then I noticed that I´m really a visual chic! If I look at all the notes in my little notebook (which you can see peeking out from underneath the Oilily Catalogue), it doesn´t inspire me at all. Because I need to SEE them! I need an over"VIEW". Now, I finally got it why artists use sketchbooks for jotting down their ideas. I always thought it was a waste of time, even though I admired the look of other people´s sketchbooks. Why sketch something, when you can describe it? Ha! Now I know! I wonder why it took me so long! I did use a folder for inspiration, like you may remember (if you don´t, just take a look here). That´s where I collected all kinds of magazine cut-outs and such. But I hardly ever sketched down my own ideas. And you know what else gets me going again? The old plastic tablecloth you see on the photo. My mother gave it to me the last time I visited my parents. It´s a tablecloth she used as a protection from paint stains and other crafting side-effects, when my brother and I where little and working away! It still triggers something inside of me. Funny, eh?


At 4:54 PM, Anonymous tine said...

Oh it looks so wonderful!! I love that tablecloth, it is sooo beautiful! I LOVE beautiful textiles so much!

That is sooo neat about your sketchbook, the sketches look just wonderful!!!!! Keep sketching away!
It all comes to life!

That Oilily catalogue....drool...drool...

At 4:18 PM, Blogger Bea said...

Thanks, Tine :-)

At 2:24 PM, Blogger adrigen said...

hey, when you scroll down and look at the tablecloth, something cool happens


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