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Friday, August 12, 2005

5 Idiosyncrasies of Mine

Andrea tagged every reader of her post to list 5 of their idiosyncrasies:

1. I bought a magazine for sewing childrens´clothing because of instructions for sewing your own diapers -although I don´t have children yet... Must have inherited this from my mom, who bought a bowl for a dog three years before we got one, who bought batteries before buying the radio...

2. Sometimes I´m so excited about an idea that pops into my mind, I do strange things... like once, I had this idea of needing to go to a nearby park and pick a few leaves of a gingko tree, because I wanted to press them. I darted off and when I stood in front of the tree I burst into laughter... there was not a single leaf on the tree, as it was the middle of january...

3. When I made my soul map collage, I was so happy when I finished it, that I put it up at the foot of my sweetie´s side of the bed (he was on a business trip at the time), so I could look at it immediately when I woke up and for as long as I needed to fall asleep.

4. I sometimes like to startle other people. My last victims were a few 13 year old boys. One of them ran, rammed a gate on purpose and play-acted like he had hurt his belly...and I said in an all serious tone: "That´s what I always do! E-ve-ry-day! Now that´s why my tummy always hurts! I really should stop doing that..." They looked at me in a real strange way and ran off...

5. The tip of my nose moves when I speak (like that of a bunny)! (Does this count as an idiosyncrasy?)


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