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Monday, July 25, 2005

More projects

I caught a cold and didn´t feel well. So I spent yesterday afternoon in front of the television, watching the Tour de France and finishing off these funky socks made from Regia Nation Color N°5399.

I also finished the first of this pair of socks and began with the second one. I had started this pair while on my camping trip a few weeks ago and I still haven´t figured out wether I like them or not. They are made of Regia top color moda N°4075. By now, you might have recognized that I have a starting problem... I love starting new projects before I´m anywhere near finishing the old one(s), he, he. So no wonder I feel overwhelmed a lot of times. There are even more unfinished projects. I will show you the next days, as some are close to being finished.


At 10:43 PM, Anonymous Hanna said...

I've knitted in striped yarn from Regia, but that Nationcolor is AWSOME, I wanted bigger strips, and those are fab. Hope I can find something like that around here!


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