Journal of a Mouse

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Baby Bed

We haven´t started changing my old studyroom/studio into a nursery yet. We want to take our time, as baby will be sleeping in our bedroom for the first few month anyway, and I don´t want to risk being in the middle of a remodel when baby is due (only about a month to go!). So, I´m glad, I found this cute co-sleeping bed from Roba on the internet! You can hook it up the parents bed, so baby can sleep safely next to mom or dad. That way we won´t always have to get up in order to feed or console our little one. In the daytime, you can just put up the fourth side of the bed and push the bed over to the living room, or wherever you want to. The bed comes with rockers, so you can also make into a cradle, if you´d like. When baby grows too big and gets too mobile, the bed is no longer safe, but it can still be used as a bench in the nursery.
It´s hard to believe that in no time at all, a real baby- our real baby- will be sleeping in this bed. Right now, our test-baby a.k.a. Urs the teddybear is taking his naps there ;-)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Birdy Swap

I can finally show you my part of the swap! You can see a larger version of it by clicking on the picture.

And this is what I got from Holli. Isn´t it fun? I love it so much! You can see a better picture of it on her blog.

What I´ve been up to...

I can´t believe it´s already a month since I last posted!

So, what have I been up to lately? We are still busy preparing our home for the arrival of our baby. Despite my growing belly, I´m still pretty fit and filled with energy. The only thing that doesn´t work so well anymore is bending over, hee, hee. Plus, I have to take it easier than before, because otherwise my belly starts getting contractions.

We were pretty busy these last weeks reorganizing our home, buying furniture, a fridge, and a dryer, and finding new places for our stuff. One of these places is the trash can *lol*.
But we also got a lot of new stuff to fill the corners of our home. Most of these things are for baby, but some are from my grandmother´s apartment that had to be cleared. I was very lucky to "inherit" a lot of beautiful baby clothes from a good friend of mine, when I visited her a little while ago. She also gave me a large banana-shaped cushion for supporting the baby while nursing. It´s also great for sleeping better lying on the side or putting my legs up, when they get heavy from the heat we are having.

So now, I have everything I need for the baby to arrive. There are only a few things left lying around on the floor to be put away into our new living room shelves and then - hopefully - I can finally start to relax and get back to more creative stuff. I crave to do that!